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Simone Sauter

The FEATHERY Expert Community

Simone Sauter

The FEATHERY Expert Community

The community for coaches who want to become a recognised expert to get clients with ease.

Why You Should Join &

 What You Can Expect

Hi there, 

And welcome to The FEATHERY Expert Community! I am excited that you're here! 🙌

I’m Simone, and I help coaches to become a recognised expert in their niche to get clients with ease. 

I run the 'Become The Expert' podcast and created this community for dedicated coaches who commit to making it happen! Because I am tired of all these Facebook groups thousands of people are in, but there's no engagement or real support. That is what my community is for 🙂

In this community, we talk about: 

△ (Digital) Public Relations

△ Influencer Relations

△ Content Marketing

△ Social Media Marketing 

△ SEO 

△ Creating an expert mindset 

△ All your questions about becoming visible with your coaching business

We focus on these topics from the perspective of a coach who wants to build an audience, become a recognised expert and get clients with ease without investing any advertising budget! 

The goal is... equip you with the knowledge, resources, tools and a network to get your coaching business out there and to become a recognised expert, so you can stop racking your brain where your clients will come from because they will find you

What's in it for you?

△ You get access to this outstanding community of like-minded coaches and a feed with lots of inspiration, motivation and behind the scenes content.

△ You get instant access to my video course 'Find Your Profitable Coaching Niche'. 

△ You can attend the monthly live workshop around a topic that helps you become more visible with your coaching business (1st Monday of the month; starts 3rd December 2018).

△ You can access all previous monthly workshops in the workshop library

△ You can attend the bi-weekly Q&A calls and ask me anything around the visibility & publicity of your coaching business (2nd and 4th Monday of the month). 

△ You get access to a spreadsheet with the contact details of the community members, their niches and what kind of content they are interested in, so you can collaborate and grow your businesses (an updated version will be accessible every 1st and 15th of the month).

△ You get access to the strategy call library where you can listen to strategy calls I have with members of the community and learn for your own business (starts from December 2018). 

My vision

My vision is a world with countless empowered women who are visible with their coaching businesses and have an expert position in their niche, so they can help and support as many people as possible and thereby change the world for the better. They are fulfilled, make the money they deserve and therefore are independent and can make decisions based on their needs and desires. 

About Simone

Simone is an entrepreneur, PR & publicity strategist, bestselling author and tech nerd. She is also the founder of FEATHERY, an agency that helps ambitious coaches to become a recognised expert in their niche, so they get clients with ease.

Simone has built an online coaching business in the relationship niche specialising in heartbreak coaching and became Germany’s #1 Heartbreak Coach in less than two years. Her website organically reached more than 1.000.000 people within two years, and she created an advertising value of more than 3 million euro. Simone was featured in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Stylight, Closer, Lovoo and many more.

Moreover, she wrote a bestselling book with a well-known German publishing house on how to overcome heartbreak and created the first online coaching program for overcoming heartbreak on the German-speaking market which helped hundreds of women.

She holds a university degree in journalism and public relations, is a certified PR consultant from German Press Academy Berlin and is in the process of becoming a certified NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner.

She was born in Germany, lived as a digital nomad for three years between Asia and South America and settled in The Netherlands in 2017.

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